Jaker, Alessandro.  (to appear).  The Consonant Hierarchy in Dëne Sųłıné: Verbal Morphophonemics and Synchronic Variation.  Proceedings of CLS51.

Jaker, Alessandro. 2014. Selection and Blocking in the Northeast Dene Verb.  In Tracy Holloway King and Miriam Butt (eds.) Proceedings of LFG14.  CSLI Publications.  Downloadable here.

Jaker, Alessandro. 2012. Quantity: Linguistic Basis. In The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics. Princeton University Press.

Jaker, Alessandro. 2012. Prosodic Reversal in Dogrib (Weledeh Dialect.) Doctoral Dissertation, Stanford University. (Dissertation Supervisor: Paul Kiparsky). Downloadable here.

Jaker, Alessandro. 2010. Be careful what you throw out: Gemination and tonal feet in Weledeh Dogrib. In Andrea L. Berez, Jean Mulder, and Daisy Rosenblum (eds.) Fieldwork and Linguistic Analysis in Indigenous Languages of the Americas. Language Documentation & Conservation Special Publication No. 2 (May 2010): 203-222. Available here.

Unpublished Papers/Manuscripts.

Here are some unpublished papers of mine; I hope to clean them up and publish them in the near future.

Jaker, Alessandro.  2015.  Derivational Strings in Lexical Phonology.  Manuscript, Alaska Native Language Center.  Downloadable here.
In this paper, I present a descriptive overview of discontinuous morphological constituents in Tetsǫ́t'ıné, and attempt to reconcile the existence of these 'split semantemes' with the level ordering of Lexical Phonology.  Ultimately, however, I conclude that 'strong level ordering', as is standardly assumed in Lexical Phonology, is untenable for Dene languages, and I suggest as an alternative 'weak level ordering' instead.
 Jaker, Alessandro. 2013. In Defense of Tone Reversal: the-conjugation in Northeast Dene Languages. Manuscript, University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Downloadable here.
In this paper, I argue against the Constriction Hypothesis (Leer 1999, 2001, Krauss 2005) and in favor of the older view of tone reversal (Ackroyd 1976, Howren 1979), i.e. that Proto Northeast Dene was tonal and High-marked, and Dogrib reversed its tones. Evidence comes from the morphophonemics of the-conjugation.

Jaker, Alessandro. 2007. From Agglutination to Fusion: Coalescence in the Athabaskan Verb. Manuscript, Stanford University. Downloadable here.
This was my second qualifying paper. The phonological analysis therein is completely superceded by my dissertation (Jaker 2012) and I no longer endorse ‘tonal feet’. However, this paper also contains a formalization of morpheme-based faithfulness, which enables a formal account of the morphologization of prosodic features—see How do new morphemes arise?.
Jaker, Alessandro. 2006. Split Subject Agreement and Morphological Typology. Manuscript, Stanford University. Downloadable here.
This was my first qualifying paper, where I outline my approach to Sapir’s isolating-agglutinating-fusional morphological typology, as being derived from the factorial typology of three constraint families, Contrast, NoAllomorphy, and Alignment, using PC Theory (Lubowicz 2003) and String-Based Correspondence (McCarthy & Wolf 2005).

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