Conjugation Tone Mapping in Tetsǫ́t'ıné (Yellowknife): Level Ordering and Morphologization.  Linguistics / American Indian Studies colloquium, University of Minnesota, September 2015.  Download powerpoint.

Vowel Alternations in Dëne Sųłıné Optative Paradigms: Prosodic Conditioning and Representational Issues.  Phonetics and Phonology in Europe (PaPE 2015), Cambridge University, June 2015.  Download poster.

The Yellowknife Language is Not Extinct: Evidence from Optative Paradigms.  Workshop on American Indigenous Languages (WAIL), UC Santa Barbara, May 2015.  Download handout.

The Consonant Hierarchy in Dëne Sųłıné: Verbal Morphophonemics and Synchronic Variation.  Chicago Linguistics Society (CLS51), April 2015.  Download handout.

Early tonogenesis in Northeast Dene:  Evidence from the-conjugation.  Alaska Native Language Center Colloquium, November 2014.  Download powerpoint.

Understanding Dene Phonology: the 3-step squishing process.  Presented at the Dene Verb Paradigms Workshop, University of Toronto, September 2014.  Download powerpoint.

Selection and Blocking in the Northeast Dene Verb.  Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG14) conference, Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 2014Download abstract and handout.

Selection and Blocking in the Northeast Dene Verb: Some Counterexamples to Level Ordering. American International Morphology Meeting 2, UCSD, November 2013. Download abstract, poster, and handout.

How Irregular is Dene (Athabaskan) Phonology? Iambic Prosody in Northeast Dene Languages. Conference on Metrical Structure, Text-Setting and Stress (M@90), MIT, September 2013. Download abstract, poster, and handout.

Is the Yellowknife Language Extinct? New Phonological Evidence. Linguistics department colloquium, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, April 2013. Download powerpoint presentation here (note: to view properly, you also need to download the Dene font and the Dene syllabics font (French-Catholic syllabics).

Weledeh Verb Classes: From Agglutination to Fusion. Linguistics Society of America annual meeting, Boston, January 2013. Download poster and handout.

In Defense of Tone Reversal: Evidence from Weledeh. Athabaskan/Dene Languages Conference, Bellingham, Washington, August 2012.

Prosodic Reversal in Dogrib: Cyclicity and Foot Harmony. Poster presented at 7th North American Phonology Conference (NAPhC7), Montreal, May 2012. Download poster here.

Teaching our Yellowknives Dene Languages (with Mary Rose Sundberg). Workshop on American Indigenous Languages (WAIL), UC Santa Barbara, Apr. 2012.

Prosodic Reversal in Dogrib: Cyclicity and Foot Harmony. University of Minnesota Linguistics Club, Apr. 2012. Download handout here.

Current and Future Dene Language Projects. Yellowknives Dene Language Planning Meeting, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Jan. 2011.

Iambic Prosody in Dogrib Conjunct Prefixes. University of Toronto Phonology Workshop, Toronto, Jan. 2010. Download handout here.

Opacity, Level Ordering, and Tonal Feet in Dogrib. CUNY Phonology Forum Conference on the Foot, New York, NY, Jan. 2009.

Dëne Sųłıné Seyatíe Yastı: Communicative Language Lessons in Yellowknife Dialect. Athabaskan Languages Conference, Cold Lake, Alberta, Jul. 2008.

Gemination and Tonal Feet in Yellowknife Dogrib. Workshop on American Indigenous Languages (WAIL), UC Santa Barbara, May 2007.

Syllable Weight in Dogrib. Athabaskan Languages Conference, Yellowknife, NWT, Jun. 2006.

Number is a Parasitic Feature: Split Subject Agreement in Northern Athabaskan. Athabaskan Languages Conference, University of Victoria, Jun. 2005.

Prominence as Morphosyntactic Contrast. Mid-Continental Workshop on Phonology (McWop 9), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Oct. 2003.

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