My years of fieldwork in the Northwest Territories has afforded me ample reason to break out my trusty 1974 Nikon Nikkormat FT2. This brief selection of photographs is an assay at capturing the region's spectacular natural beauty in all seasons.

Aurora Borealis—the Northern Lights—over Yellowknife.
Fall colors along the highway between Yellowknife and BehchokÇ«̀.
Yellowknife houses huddle for warmth.
Old Town Yellowknife as viewed from Pilot's Monument.
Street lamps and headlights decorate Yellowknife evenings.
The ice road has her limits.
Yellowknife, skirted in winter, as seen across the ice road.
My friend Chris on the bank of Tibbitt Lake, at the end of the Ingraham Trail.
Yellowknife, Sunday afternoon.
Yellowknife in the summer.
Old Town Yellowknife as viewed from New Town.
Ingraham Trail panorama.
Cameron Falls.
Boreal forest near Cameron Falls.
Church of Our Lady of Providence, Fort Providence, Northwest Territories.
MacKenzie River in winter, Fort Providence, Northwest Territories.
Sunset near the MacKenzie River in winter.
Frosty trees in the parking lot outside my house.
Fireweed near the old Giant Mine site.
Near the entrance to the Dettah ice road, Yellowknife side.
Frosty trees along the Dettah highway.
Dettah ice road looking towards Yellowknife.
Ingraham Trail, looking east near the Yellowknife River in June.
Spruce trees in the month of June on a hill high above the Yellowknife River.
Grace Lake near Yellowknife, 11:40 p.m. July.
Purple and yellow wild roses in July.
Grace Lake in July.
Sunset on Grace Lake in July.

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